Acne & Treatment

Clogged PoresThis is a term used to describe blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, cysts, or clogged pores in the face and body. Acne is especially common during adolescent years, but there are also many adults that have problems with acne. Acne can also have an effect on self-esteem and it damages the natural beauty of the facial features. Minor acne will come and go, recurring between adolescent years and gradually going away with the years. Acne can also cause further problems in a person’s life; in some cases acne can lead to serious scarring.

There are many treatments that are available today because of the multiple causes of acne. It requires patience because you will not see any immediate changes. Acne treatments can take two to three months to take full effect. Talk to your dermatologist and see which one is the best treatment for you.

Oral and Topical Medications

There are different topical and oral medications to treat moderate to mild acne. The ingredients and directions are different in every product. These medications target multiple causes of acne by promoting healthier pores, reducing the acne’s bacteria, reducing inflammation, and controlling hormones. This will control the frequency of acne outbreaks. For severe scarring acne, the treatment is Isotretinoin, a medication that must be monitored by your dermatologist.

Chemical Peels

This treatment removes layers of skin and is done with a chemical preparation, and it allows your skin to start growing back clearer. There are different strengths that are available depending on each individual case. You make experience peeling for several days depending on the type and strength of the peel. Peels are effective, especially if they are performed regularly.

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